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About us

An official Saudi establishment with Saudi cadres and youth


We are Aljawhara Aldaema  (JEDCO) Contracting Est.Fire fighting and Fire Alarm projects smoke clouds We are the highest ranking in the Kingdom (AA) is one of 6 companies in the Kingdom: – We are working on projects from the stage of baptizing the safety plan until the site is handed over to the civil defense. – Annual maintenance of sites. .There are two branches in Riyadh and Dammam, and we cover all king dom sities. of the Kingdom.


Our vision

Aljawhara AlDaema  (JEDCO) for Contracting wishes to be the most respected institution in its performance of its various works in all projects That you work out.


Our Mission

The Foundation works to convert modern ideas into an actual reality that lives and benefits the business sector and community members.


Our habits

Credibility, accompanied by effort and innovation, is a major condition in the installation of alarm and firefighting systems, and there is no such thing as an "error in the approach of implementing our business."

Our products and services

Comprehensive services in everything related to fire fighting and fire alarm system

Our projects

اخذنا على عاتقنا عهداً ولن نحيد عنه . لن نرضى باقل من تقييمكم الكامل . طلباتكم وأحلامكم .. أوامر

Our work steps


The application

Application of advanced and modern scientific research in improving production



Development in our ideas and products to suit the requirements of the labor market


Action Marketing

Making them identical always can make them easily


Action Development

Development in our profitable ideas to suit the requirements of the labor market

Some of our business

Your project starts with an idea ... we are the ones who will implement it. Your requests and dreams .. orders

More of our work